Inspired by the gentle power of the Moon,
and the beauty and harmony 
reflected in the Universe, 
Lunier was born from a desire for meaningful, 
mindful luxury. 

Through its timeless, poetic, and natural creations, 
Lunier invites to a universe 
of contemplation, exploration and self-expression.


"Like the Moon
and the stars
and the Sun
We all shine on"

John Lennon, Instant Karma, 1970

Our belief

We believe 
in the power of beauty; 
in design without concession; 
in luxury with a conscience; 
in a kind and holistic creation, 
with minimal impact for the planet
and positive ones 
for its inhabitants.

Next Moon Phases :
First Quarter 25.07.2023 at 22H08 in Scorpio.
Next Full Moon 01.08.2023 at 11H00 in Aquarius
Last Quarter 08.08.2023 at 10H30 in Taurus
Next New Moon 16.08.2023 at 14H39 in Leo


Our creations

We create luxury handbags 
and accessories in limited editions
inspired by the beauty and harmony 
reflected in the Universe. 

Our creations are carefully 
imagined and designed in Paris, with intention 
and attention given to every detail; 
from the curves of the design, 
to the lightness of the construction, 
and the soft touch of the materials. 

The embroideries and natural stones 
that ornate our designs are unique. 

Our bags are handcrafted 
with artisanal savoir-faire in Italy.

The power of nature

We search for harmony & balance
in a holistic way, 
aiming to bring beauty & gentleness
through our creations. 

We are convinced of the virtues of natural stones. 
They soothe, balance, absorb negative energies, 
inspire, stimulate, raise our vibrations. 
They can be real allies for our daily lives. 

We carefully chose the stones that adorn our Selene Mini bags
to accompany and support you in your adventures. 

Just like us,
no two stones are the same;
each one is unique,
Which in turn makes each bag unique.